Kinetochore ensures faithful segregation of sister chromatids during mitosis by connecting centromeric DNA and spindle microtubules. Especially, inner kinetochore components recognize centromeric DNA and build up the platform for kinetochore assembly. Two different types of centromeres, point centromere (budding yeast) and regional centromere (fission yeast to human), have been reported. Genetic and molecular mechanisms of inner kinetochore at point centromere are relatively well studied, but the recruiting mechanism of the centromere-specific nucleosomes at regional centromere and its epigenetic features are not well understood. My laboratory will focus on understanding these processes using structural and biochemical approaches. Especially, we will focus on the centromere-specific nucleosome recruitment mechanisms in fission yeast and human.




CENP-A(Cse4) recruitment mechanism in budding yeast (point centromere)


The crystal structures of Cse4/H4:Scm3 heterotrimer and Cse4/H4 heterotetramer


The crystal structure of Ndc10 (Domain I-II) in complex with CDEIII DNA